Lap Stricturoplasty

Lap Stricturoplasty

Abnormal narrowing of a passage in human body is known strictures. Strictures can be very annoying and even life-threatening. It can cause difficulties in urinating and cause problems in eating food and digesting the food one has eaten depending upon the area of the stricture. Small intestine segments may get narrowed locally as a result of various factors which include infections, inflammatory bowel diseases, damages caused in prior operations etc. Crohn’s disease which is an inflammatory disorder can occur anywhere causing strictures in the gastrointestinal tract. Studies show that about 70-90 % of people inflicted with Crohn’s disease require surgical intervention to find a solution to their problem. The surgical procedure followed by surgeons around the world to tackle diseases like Crohn’s disease is known as stricturoplasty.

Preoperative preparations

The patients nutritional status will be studied and albumin and prealbumin levels in the blood will be ascertained. If the patient is found to be week nutritionally, supplementary nutrients will be given to promote post operative wound healing. MRI scan or CT scan will be done to ascertain the exact location and the extent of small bowel strictures.

Surgical procedure

This procedure is generally performed under general anaesthesia. Patient will be made to lie in supine position for carrying out the surgery. In this procedure an inflated balloon is passed through the intestine with the help of a catheter. If the balloon gets obstructed in its movement, it is an indication of the narrowing of the bowel which is a stricture. The surgeon opens the stricture by cutting it in the lengthwise direction. This cut is stitched in the opposite direction to help the widening of the structured portion of the bowel. If there is more than one stricture, all the strictures can be separately corrected in one surgery. Stricturoplasty is a very effective and safe method which helps the physician to remove the strictures in the bowel without reducing the length of the bowel. Heineke-Mikulicz Stricturoplasty, Finney Stricturoplasty, Jaboulay Stricturoplasty etc are some of the most common stricturoplasty procedures followed by surgeons around the world.


Dr. Nagaraj B Puttaswamy

Senior Consultant - Laparoscopic Surgeon Bariatric Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist