Lap Varicocelectomy

Lap Varicocelectomy

Varicocele is a disease in which the testicular veins are dilated resulting in infertility. Pain and testicular diminution are common symptoms of varicocele. This defect can be rectified only through a surgical procedure known as varicocelectomy. A study conducted on 98 patients has revealed that 72 % of the patients were having left varicocele and 28 % were having dual varicocele. This procedure is normally carried out as a laparoscopic surgery as a one day procedure.

Preparations for surgery

Preparations for the surgery starts with tests which are intended to ascertain the fitness of the patient to undergo the surgery. Tests are generally conducted two weeks before the scheduled date for the surgery. If the patient is found fit for laparoscopic varicocelectomy, a date will be fixed for the surgery. On the date of surgery the patient is not expected to eat or drink anything for eight hours prior to the scheduled time for surgery. The patient will be required to wear an anti-thrombosis stockings. This will help to prevent the formation of blood clots in the leg veins.

Surgical procedure

This procedure is carried out under general anesthesia. The bladder of the patient will be emptied using a urethral catheter. With the help of carbon dioxide, the peritoneal cavity will be inflated to get a clearer view and make the surgery easier. Through a small incision in the abdomen a laparoscope will be inserted. The camera on top of the laparoscope helps the surgeon to view the site of operation and the organs situated therein. Miniature instruments for conducting the surgery are pushed through other small incisions made near the incision for the laparoscope. Witht the help of laser beam the surgeon cuts the posterior peritoneum. Doppler test is made use of for identifying spermatic artery. The surgeon clips the gonadal veins using endoscopic clip leaving the artery untouched .

After the surgery

The surgery may take about one to one and a half hours. After the patient wakes up, he will be asked to walk slowly and will be given liquid food. After discharging from the hospital you will be required to meet the surgeon after 6 to 12 weeks for review of the progress and result of the operation.


Dr. Nagaraj B Puttaswamy

Senior Consultant - Laparoscopic Surgeon Bariatric Surgeon and Surgical Gastroenterologist